Twitter’s upcoming crypto features

What everyone is wondering now though is which infrastructure cryptocurrencies will be chosen by Twitter for its upcoming crypto features.

While Dogecoin isn’t an infrastructure cryptocurrency its historical use in tipping and micropayments along with Elon Shilling of Doge has put it at the top of the list, this is why Doge has been rallying so much since Elon acquired the social media platform but last week this rally was cut short on the rumor that Twitter had paused its plans to build a crypto wallet.

This came as a surprise given that Twitter had just announced an NFT integration confirming more crypto features.

Assuming it’s true the pause on Twitter’s crypto wallet plans can easily be explained by the mass layoffs currently taking place at the company.

As reported by many mainstream media outlets Elon cut Twitter’s Workforce in half last Friday with most of the firing taking place overseas.

Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey subsequently took responsibility for the scourge explaining that he had grown the social media company too quickly.

This was evident in all the viral videos which showed just how little work employees at these big tech companies are or rather were doing.

Regardless Elon’s controversial decision to cut Twitter’s workforce couldn’t have come at a worse time.

That’s because he simultaneously trying to make massive changes to the platform and a primary focus has been Twitter’s Infamous Blue Tick verification process.

As someone who has gone through said verification process I can confirm that getting your hands on a Blue Tick is extremely difficult and seems to require knowing lots of people at the company.

Still there’s no question that having such a high threshold for verification is nothing short of insane.

As things stand today it’s impossible for the average person to get verified at the same time though the blue tick has become something valuable specifically because of how hard it is to get.

As such I have some advice for the Chief Twit keep the Bluetick as it is and introduce a new identifier that can be used to prove that a particular Twitter account is being operated by a real person, this setup means regular people get verified spammers and bots are gone and blue ticks are happy.